Nightstand Procrastination

This week I found myself in a rare situation, I had a day off and no set plans. Well I didn’t have any fun plans. I had planned to clean and organize my house. While I do enjoy the feeling of having a clean house, I just wasn’t feeling it. The sun was shinning and my house wasn’t that dirty so I decided to procrastinate and see what trouble I could get into the shed.

It’s been awhile since I’ve paid attention to my power tools. I think the last time I built something was when I made this nightstand for my Official Taste Tester way back in early December 2017.


This nightstand was actually the inspiration for my latest project. Since I bought my house I’ve been using chairs as nightstands in one of my spare rooms. This week I decided to change that. With a general idea I headed out to the shed to see what lumber I had lying around. While I was looking I found Sophie Cat sleeping in the shed on my camping tote.

“Look mum I can camp too”

Once I had assessed my lumber situation I set up my foldable work table and pulled out my tools. To cut my lumber I used a circular saw. I don’t have any pictures of me cutting because I value all of my fingers.  Now you might not have a saw at home, fear not if you live near a home depot you can buy your lumber from them and they will cut it for you. I’m not sure if they charge a fee or not I just know they will do it. If you are making the cuts yourself make sure you are being safe. When my brother first taught me how to use a saw he gave me a great piece of advice “if you want to keep your fingers, don’t be stupid, keep them away from the blade while its spinning.”. Now that might seem like some pretty basic advice but I can’t count the number of times that I’ve wanted to reach for something while my blade was still spinning even after I’ve taken my finger off of the trigger, every time I hear Brother Bear in my head telling me that I’m being stupid. So I’m passing his advice on to you don’t be stupid, wait the few extra seconds for your blade to stop spinning, your fingers will thank you for it later.

Sophie Cat supervising my work
Maddie supervising the rhododendron

Now, because I used scrap lumber from the shed I can’t give you a specific supplies list. What I can do is give you the dimensions of the nightstand and how I put it together.

Time for a little disclaimer here before we get into the good stuff, I am not a trained carpenter, most of the things I know regarding carpentry have come from Brother Bear, or have been self taught. Please be careful when using power tools, please read your user manuals and please wear proper safety equipment when necessary.

Ok lets get down to business. Once I had made my cuts I set to work assembling the base of the nightstand. I secured the base by clamping it to my table, then I stood one side up next to the base and drilled my holes. After I had drilled the holes I secured that side with screws. Again I was using whatever I had in my shed so I was using deck screws. I have an over abundance of deck screws, I have no idea why, I don’t even have a deck. If you’re unsure of what kind of screws to use just ask at your local hardware store.

Side one done, now on to side two

After the sides were on the back and base for the top were easy. Once I had the majority of the base done I started the shelf. My shelf is made out of two pieces of the same board, because I didn’t measure correctly and didn’t have any of the lumber I had used on the sides leftover. I cut my shelf to the length I wanted, so it would be snug within the base, and tapped it in with a rubber mallet. I Secured the shelf by drilling holes from the outside of the base and securing with the deck screws.


For the top I cheated a little, I used a few things from a failed previous project. I had been planning on making a plant stand using old strapping I had saved from when I was renovating my house. I call it a failed project because I forgot that while a square has four sides a box has six. Oh well I got to use it for this project. I decided that because I was using four pieces to make the top I should have something to secure them to, so I attached a small piece of plywood to the top. If you are using new wood it would be easier to use long pieces and just secure them to the sides but thats up to you. After I had arranged my pieces in an order I like I secured them with the deck screws. To hide the screw holes I mixed carpenters glue with saw dust and filled in the holes. Once it had dried I sanded away the excess glue.

Once everything was together I started to paint my base. As you know from previous posts I love love love Rust-Oleum Chalked paint and use it whenever I can. this project was no exception. My first coat was Sensible Sage. I love a layered look so I covered the Sensible Sage with Icy Grey.

img_4943 After my paint had dried I used my palm sander and 220 grit sanding discs to created a well loved look. Normally I do my sanding my hand with a sanding block but the sun was setting and I was feeling lazy.  I protected my top with Varathane Premium Diamond Wood Finish, another great Rust-Oleum product, and my base with the Chalked Clear Coat.

Now because I used old wood I didn’t have to stain it to give it that old wood look. If you are using new wood my best advice to you is to pick two stains you like a darker and a lighter one. First apply a layer of the darker stain. Once that has dried sand most of it off and then apply the lighter stain. This will give it the look of weathered wood.

Once everything had dried I carried it inside to its new home. I’m not one to toot my own horn but this turned out pretty great! it fits wonderfully in the room and it’s even Sophie Cat approved!


This looks like a great place to take a nap

Now for the dimensions. The top is 30 inches wide and 21 inches long, I would suggest using . The base is 25 inches long, 21 1/2 wide and 17 inches deep, I used 3 ply plywood. The shelf is 20 inches wide, and 15 inches long, I.

Let me know if you give this project a try or if you have any questions.

Until next time,


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