Sunsets, Sandy Toes and Sandwiches

Guess what we did last weekend?! We went camping! Did you get it? Did you visit my instagram page (@piesandpowertools) and get a hint? I’m sure it comes as no surprise that we were camping. Camping has quickly become one of my favourite summer activities. I may even be talked into winter camping, but shhh don’t tell my Official Taste Tester that or I’ll be sleeping in the woods in February.

For this trip we headed South to The Islands Provincial park in Shelburne NS. Our little slice of camping heaven was prefect for watching the sun set.


The night before we went camping a friend of mine dropped of some lobster, of course I immediately ate some but there were leftovers. I decided to use the leftovers and upgrade my usual scrambled egg recipe, found here.  The results were of course delicious, but I think almost anything is better when you add lobster.


After our lobster for breakfast we thought it was only fitting to visit the Lobster Capitol of Canada, Barrington NS. We visited The Hawk Beach, on Cape Sable Island (the most southern tip of NS). Unfortunately tide was high so we couldn’t see the famous Drowned Forest but it was still beautiful.


For dinner we visited Capt Kats Lobster Shack so I could try their famous lobster poutine. We had Maddie with us we decided to enjoy our food outside, I didn’t take any pictures of our food because I was too excited to eat it. After inhaling my poutine I looked up and took in the beauty of our picnic spot. After a little research I found that were at the McGray Avenue Gazebo and Boardwalk. It is easy to find, just look to your left before you cross the causeway.


The rest of our trip was spent enjoying our beautiful camp site, exploring new beaches and playing cards by the fire.

Early morning cuddles
Louis Head Beach
Lunch for three

When it came time to leave I wanted to make breakfast in my own kitchen, so we packed up and headed home.  When we got home we were greeted by a very enthusiastic Sophie Cat.  IMG_4892

Once I was back in my kitchen I made some serous brunch sandwiches. They were super easy. I cooked bacon and maple sausage and fried the eggs.  Toasted the bread cheese biscuits from Tim Hortons for me, because I’m obsessed. Low carb bread for him, I’ll be sharing that recipe in a few weeks once I’ve tweaked it a bit. Once everything was cooked I mixed mayo, dijon mustard, a little garlic and a few drops of Tabasco and spread it on 1/2 of the toast. Then I layered the meat, spring mix greens, cheese and topped with the eggs.


I left the tops off because they were more photogenic that way and for ease of eating. You can eat these like a sandwich if you have a bib handy or with a knife and fork like I did.

Let me know what you think of this weeks post below. Feel free to make my day and share the post using the links below, remember sharing is caring.

Until next time,


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