A dill lovers delight

Today I’m going to share a secret, I love dill pickles. You’re probably saying to yourself thats not a big deal a lot of people love pickles. I love pickles so much that my high school best friend and I used to exchange pickles for Christmas and birthdays. Every time I eat at my grandmothers house I go straight to the pickle fridge. My favourite sandwich in high school was pickle and cheese.  I once had a pickle themed dinner parties to try and convert non pickle lovers. The recipe I’m sharing today came from that party. It was such a hit then its usually requested whenever I’m invited to parties now.

This has to be the easiest dip ever, it has 3 ingredients, dill pickles, juice from the pickles and a block of cream cheese. You wouldn’t think that those ingredients come together to form one of the tastiest dips ever but some how they do.

What you need

4-5 dill pickles chopped

8 oz cream cheese (1 block)

Juice from the pickles

Let the cream cheese soften a bit, you can do this on the counter with a little time or you can pop in the microwave until you can easily mix it.  Chop your pickles. I like a bigger piece of pickle in my dip so I don’t chop them very fine but you can chop them however you like.  Mix the pickles with the cream cheese. Add a tablespoon of pickle juice to make it easier to mix. Now at this point your dip is probably pretty thick, from here you should add pickle juice a tablespoon or two at a time and mix until the dip is a consistency  you like. If you are making this before you plan on eating it whether your making it a day ahead or just a few hours if its going back in the fridge it is going to be thicker than it is now. So if you think it is the perfect consistency but it is going to spend sometime in the fridge add an extra tablespoon of juice.

Serve with your favourite dipables, veggies, chips, crackers, etc or a spoon. Do I recommend eating this whole thing with a spoon? No. Have I been know to sneak a spoonful? Yes.

A pile of pickle happiness

A generous pour of pickle juice
So simple, so delicious
Maddie does not share my love of pickles. She does love her toys though

Are you a pickle lover or a hater? Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time,


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