Cape Breton Camping

This past weekend Maddie, my Official Taste Tester and I packed up the car and headed to Cape Bretton for another camping adventure. This time we planned for two nights of camping and two nights of glamping. Traditionally I’m a huge over packer, especially when it comes to food. I wanted to really only bring the essentials on this trip for two reasons. First we were very limited on space. 2 adults, and a 100lb dog (don’t tell Mad Dog that I told you how much she weighs), plus camping gear didn’t leave a lot of space in my car. Second, since we were going to be eating out of a cooler so I had to get creative with meal planning.

This week I’m going to do something a little different and share my meal plan with you instead of one recipe. All of these recipes are super easy to make, and very tasty.

Night one, we survived the 6+ hour car ride to our first destination. After setting up camp it was time for supper. Thank goodness I had planned something easy because I was exhausted. On the menu was a simple garden salad with a homemade vinaigrette and no bun garlic and dill pickle burgers. For the salad we had greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and feta. I mixed the dressing using a 2:1 vinegar to oil ratio. In addition to the olive oil and balsamic vinegar, I used a pinch of minced garlic a squeeze of dijon  mustard, a little horseradish, and a few good splashes of tabasco. I know I don’t have exact measurements for you but my best advice is to start small and keep tasting and adding until it tastes good to you. For the burgers I mixed 1lb each of ground beef and ground pork, with 3 chopped dill pickles,  3 cloves of garlic chopped, about 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese and a pinch each of salt and pepper. You just mix it all together and form into patties. This did make a lot of burgers 8 but we just used the leftovers for snacks, and lunches.

Photo lighting courtesy of my Official Taste Tester and a super powerful lamp

For breakfast day two we enjoyed sausage, bacon, and poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. I made the hollandaise sauce at home, using a basic recipe I found after a quick google search. After the sauce was made I poured it into a mason jar for easy travel and reheating. The sauce did separate but with a few good shakes of the jar everything was right as rain.

I reheated the sauce, in a pot of boiling water

After breakfast we lounged at the campsite reading and listening to music. Eventually we set out for a beach stroll to cool Maddie off. The beach in the campground was lovely to look at but a little difficult to walk on, I have absolutely been spoiled by white sandy beaches on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Despite the rocky terrain a great time was had by all.


Dinner night two was pretty simple, garlic green beans, garlic peppers and Italian  sausage. Very tasty but not very photogenic. Just put the green beans and peppers in two separate frying pans, add butter and garlic to each, cook and serve.

Breakfast day three was a glorious affair. I had been having a huge craving for french toast but I didn’t want to drag all the ingredients with us. This is where the Keto egg loaf saved the day. I had read about this magical egg loaf before but I hadn’t tried it. Well I decided to give it a go. It was super easy to make, traveled really well and it was so so good, especially with maple syrup. I used the recipe from @keto.sam.iam on Instagram.


Maddie was excited about breakfast too

After breakfast we packed up the car and headed to Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort for our glamping adventure. I can’t say enough good things about this place, everything is wonderful. We’ve stayed in the White Moon Yurt twice, and each time was lovely. I highly suggest you pay them a visit, you wont be disappointed. I had planned on making chicken alfredo over broccoli for our supper night three but it was raining on and off so we ended up just having snack foods and playing cards.

Morning four we had egg loaf leftovers. After breakfast we went for a little walk to enjoy the fresh air and to cool Maddie off.  While on our walk we were treated to some lovely scenery.


After our walk the Official Taste Tester and I rented kayaks and went out for a paddle. Before we even dipped our paddles in we had a bit of excitement. It seems there had been a snake camping in my kayak. Unfortunately I didn’t realize he was staying there until he brushed my foot with his tail and turned to face me. I’m am 100% certain that I have never gotten out of a kayak so fast in my life, I may never be that fast again. Thankfully the rest of our paddle was uneventful.

For dinner four we went to the Go Bistro, the in house restaurant at Cabot Shores. Once again they did not disappoint.

Morning five was spent packing up for the long trip home. Maddie was so worried that we were going to leave her she hopped in the front seat with her line still on.


After all of our adventures it was nice to get home. I think Sophie might have missed us a little too.

IMG_4289 2

Trying to steal my supper

Oh my I was a bit long winded this week. Thanks for sticking with me till the end. Let me know about your camping adventures. What are your favourite camping meals?

Until next time,


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