A Campers Breakfast

This past weekend Maddie, the Official Taste Tester and I went camping. This outing went much better than our last. The odds were in our favour this time, I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t post nights and the weather man said it was going to be sunny.  This time we headed to Graves Island Provincial Park.  A short drive from Halifax and a hop skip and a jump from Chester the park is easy to find. When you get there you’re greeted by coastal views and bird houses lining the road. We set up camp pretty easily, made supper and relaxed by the fire for the evening.


The next morning we made a hearty breakfast to fuel us for a day of exploring. I did a little bit of prep at home to make our meals as easy as possible. First I started by making Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread,  it was super easy to make, and so tasty. I highly suggest you click the link and try it for yourself. Next I mixed up the eggs. I didn’t want to travel with eggs in a carton because it would be so easy to break the eggs, so I put them in a water bottle. Unfortunately I don’t measure my ingredients for eggs. I usually just toss everything in a bowl and whisk or in this case in the water bottle and shake. My basic ingredients are eggs, a pinch of shredded parmesan, salt and pepper, a little cream, and more than a pinch of shredded cheese, this time I went with old cheddar.


I like to add fresh garlic and deli meat to my eggs but I didn’t want them to sit in the egg mixture so I chopped them and put them in food storage containers to add at the last minute. The rest of our camp breakfast was pretty simple, bacon and breakfast sausage.

Assembly was pretty easy bacon and eggs were cooked first, followed by toasting the bread in a pan. The eggs were ever so slightly more work. I browned a little butter and garlic first, then I added the deli meat, this weeks choice was salami. I let that cook for a minute or two and then I added the egg mixture. Once everything was cooked breakfast was served in big comfy caping chairs.

My new found love of hot sauce is still going strong

After breakfast we headed out to explore. We found lots of fun on the trail circling island. Maddie got a little too warm so we took her for a little swim at the boat landing. Well I shouldn’t say we, I was a bit of a baby, so my Official Taste Tester braved the cold water. Maddie was very happy.

Friendly skies
Version 2
Water Dog
A very tired, very wet, and very happy girl

This wasn’t my normal post format but I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you tried the eggs.

Until next time,


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