An introduction of sorts

Lets start with the basics. I’m Desiree a Registered Nurse from a very small town on the East Coast of Canada. Since I was a little girl a few truths have ruled my life, purple is the best colour, being kind is always the right choice, and it is going to be a good day if I get to work with a wooden spoon or a hammer. I’m sure I’ve changed a lot from the loud little girl my mum remembers but these things have always stayed the same. Ok I may prefer a cordless drill to a hammer now but the sentiment is the same.


Don’t let that shy smile fool you. I was a holy terror

I’m sure you’re asking yourself what can I expect from this blog? Well as I said before I’m happiest when I’m building something. That something can be a kitchen table, a casserole, a refinished stereo cabinet turned entertainment center or a pie! For the food posts you can expect food that may not always look award-winning but I promise it will be tasty.  Every once in a while I’ll nail the presentation and the taste just to keep you on your toes. When it comes to the power tools I’m still learning how to use them and how to make an image in my mind come to life. So you can expect a few fails here and there but I’ll be honest with you so we can both learn from my mistakes.


Pie, Raspberry Pie *read that in Sean Connery’s voice*


Presenting the worlds best comfort food, nachos, to my besties


Renovating my house, I’m grinding nails off the ceiling and my dad is hanging drywall

Last but certainly not least you can expect lots of photos of my furry cheerleaders! Mad Dog and Sophie Cat will be making lots of guest appearances. Maddie thinks all of my food is amazing and is happy to be by my side in the kitchen or in the shop. Sophie on the other hand prefers to supervise my work in the kitchen and keeps a safe distance in the shop. She is also the queen of side eye.

Always by my side. Always ready to clean out the last bit of greek yoghurt

Less than happy that the construction made its way in the house but always happy to supervise

Hopefully you will find something you like here. Feel free to comment and post photos of your kitchen and shop successes and fails. Photos of your furry cheerleaders are always welcome too.

Until next time,


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